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Coach Bob is best known as a visionary entrepreneur. He knows first-hand how important it is for the integrator and visionary to work together and the need to create successful leadership teams.

His first company was named the 26th fastest growing privately-held company in Inc. Magazine. Throughout his career, Bob has owned mail distribution companies as well as a life coaching business where implementing EOS proved to be a key component of his business success.


He is the Founder of The Visionary Forum and The Visionary Summit as well as a former EOS Implementor.  His passion is coaching other entrepreneurs on how to have success with less stress. He also coaches people through his iMatter process to help people Realize What Matters Most, Clarify Who They Are, and Follow Their North Star.


Bob has been a member of Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO) for the past 20 years and is the past Detroit Chapter President of the EO Board of Directors, in addition to being past Regional Forum Director.  Bob also served as Detroit Chapter President of the Young Entrepreneurs’ Organization (YEO).


Bob is happily married and lives in Birmingham, Michigan with his wife and two children.

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"Bob will show you why you matter and how self-discovery will unleash your best path forward."

- Ali Nasser | Author of The Business Owner’s Dilemma

"Bob’s commitment to lifelong growth is culminated in this fast-reading book. He shares well-earned tools proven by himself and with other Visionaries for navigating the entre- preneurial journey. This is the Visionary guide to wisdom."

-  John D. Anderson | Business Strategist, Entrepreneur, and Founder EO Detroit Chapter Author of Replace Retirement: Living Your Legacy in the Exponential Age

"Unscatter the Chatter is filled with valuable resources and insights to help us truly sort through the noise of our minds and gain greater clarity on what matters most. Bob’s inspir- ing story of self-discovery and perseverance as well as his determination to never settle for less than he deserves serves as a beacon of possibility for us all. Don’t just pick up the book and read it. Download the tools and take action to get clarity, shed the insignificant, and get in the driver’s seat of your life."

- Mari Tautimes |  Author of #KeepGoing: From 15-Year-Old Mom to Successful CEO & Entrepreneur

Coach Bob's Podcast Corner

Spaghetti on the Wall w/ Armando Leduc

 "Had a blast chatting with Armando on Spaghetti on the Wall! Here's a sneak peek. Check out the full episode on September 22,2023. #Spaghettionthewall"

Coach Bob with Armando Leduc (Spaghetti on the wall)

Coach Bob with Armando Leduc (Spaghetti on the wall)

Coach Bob with Armando Leduc (Spaghetti on the wall)
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