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Be a part of the finest collection of thought leaders, stepping into their greatness, making a huge difference in the world.

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The Visionary Forum is a virtual destination connecting visionaries with other kick-ass Visionaries you want to know. The goal is to help members feel a part of a community, have a safe space and be inspired. We do this by having virtual forums twice per month where Visionaries learn from each other, build relationships, and work towards challenging them to step into their greatness.

We realize being a Visionary can be a lonely place, a function many times misunderstood. We want you to be confident in your worth and value, and amplify the impact you have already made. Shouldering the weight of entrepreneurship provides an environment where challenges pile up, from sales leadership lacking to my team won’t take ownership, from I have no time in my personal life to nothing in my company is working. Our goal for you stem’s from Bob Shenefelt’s quote “Be a part of the finest collection of thought leaders, stepping into their greatness, making a huge impact in the world”. We want this collection of Visionaries and entrepreneurs to re-enter their business inspired, confident, and ready to take their business to that next level of greatness.


Virtual 90-minute twice-monthly scheduled meetings with flexible attendance.

A safe place where you can freely share your struggles and be your authentic self.

A community of other Visionaries that are on the same journey as you.

Inspiration from others that have gone before you but that are also right where you're at.

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6 Habits of Great F'ing Visionary


Structurally, the forum is available to you as a safe place where you can be your authentic self. A place where you can share and solve your issues, and ultimately a place where you don’t have to go it alone. Enjoy engagement, community, and inspiration from other Visionaries and entrepreneurs.

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