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The core of iMatter is to help you shift your mindset,  realize what matters most, get clear on who you are, and learn how to

truly live your North Star. 

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You’re either growing or you’re dying. Commit to continual growth, and use these free trainings and resources to get started. Keep learning, keep growing, and keep moving forward.  You can also get a guided walk through of all the tools in our online iMatter Success System HERE

The The North Star Identifier™ Tool will help find your north star and to become the best version of yourself. 

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The Who Am I Clarifier™. Tool will help you find the clarity you need to know yourself and find success. 

Image by Mads Schmidt Rasmussen

The I Am Revealer™

The I Am Revealer™ Tool will help find yourself and find the impact you can make in life.

Image by Hassan Pasha

The Connection Game™.

The Connection Game™ Tool will help you to discover your favorite shows, books and help find who you are. 


Your progress can’t wait. These free trainings and resources are the perfect way to get started and supplement your growth plan.

Image by Ian Stauffer

Take 5 Check-in

The Take 5 Check-In™ Tool will help you breathe, pause

and reflect. 

Image by Brad Barmore

 331™ Tool 

The 331™ Tool will guide you through a self-exploration of your past and your future desires, so you can live with purpose in

the NOW.

Flip It 

The Flip It™ Tool will teach you how to turn any situation into a growth opportunity.

Image by Kekai AhSam


Planner™ Tool 

The My iMpact Planner™ Tool will help you identify what you need to become successful. 

Image by Dan Cook

Once you understand YOU MATTER, you’ll see how important it is to BE YOURSELF. When you commit to being the real you, everything else in your life will fall into place.

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