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Hi, I’m here to talk about Vision.

What is vision?

What is vision? Vision is “wonder”, and pondering possibilities. Also, taking time to dream and smile. What makes me happy? Why have a vision? Hope? Excitement? It’s to figure out what matters most and create an amazing life.

Creating and Realizing Vision

How do I create vision? How do I realize vision? Make time. Make time to think about what's going on in your mind. To feel what's going on in your heart. Also, make time to speak it out loud and to ponder. Ultimately, the answers are in your mind and heart. So make time to slow down and breathe and ask yourself questions.

How to Create Vision

How do I do it? Figure out the “why” behind it. It's not “I want a house here”. It's, “I love a view. I love having a place to have deep conversations. I like to walk. I like nature”. It doesn't have to be this address. It's the “why” behind that vision.

Act On Your Vision

Then, how do I do that? It's by creating gratitude and trust. I can get all caught up in all the things that are wrong or could be wrong, or that was wrong. Yet, take a second to make time to just be grateful. For me, I’m grateful for being alive right now, for all the things that have gone well in the past, and all the things that could go well in the future. I have that perspective, trusting life, trusting God, and trusting myself. Trusting today. Vision is an amazing thing, and to realize I can have a vision, realize what my vision is, and realize how to make it real, is an amazing thing. We're very lucky. I'm very lucky to be alive at this time and place in the world. I am very grateful. I appreciate you. Vision a great day.

iM Coach Bob. Have a great day peace.



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