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The Love Frequency

Coach Bob here to talk about The Love Frequency.

What is it?

The Love Frequency is when you are elevating your mind and your heart. You are in that space of clarity, it feels like you are on top of the mountain, and you are kind of above all this shit.

How does it feel?

When I'm there, things are so clear. What's interesting, some people call it 5D, we call it The Love Frequency. That's the peace, the love, the clarity, and the confidence we feel.

What do you realize about Love Frequency?

One of the things I've realized and read about recently in a book about 5D is that when I'm in that 5D or that Love Frequency, I don't need apologies. When I read that and started to ponder, I realized that I was stuck on the thought, “Oh, my wife needs to apologize and my client needs to apologize” and I didn’t like that. That was such a lower frequency and a 3D linear level perspective.

Not only do I love to be in the Love Frequency, I feel better and I think clearer. I realized that when something's bugging me and I’m mad at someone or I'm looking for an apology, that's my pride talking, that's that lower emotion. So just say, “I don't need an apology”, “I'm all good”, or “I'm living in this moment, and that was the past”. That's another way to get to that Love Frequency. What a cool thing called life.

iM Coach Bob, have a great day. Peace.



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