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Sibling Relationships

Hey, Coach Bob here to talk about Sibling Relationships.

Make Time to Talk

I have a great relationship with both my older sister and my older brother. We love each other, have fun, and do a fair amount together, even though we all live in different areas. In the past, we avoided conflict or tough conversations and labeled ourselves (or at least that's what I've heard) as “the happy family”. Recently, we used a couple of the iMatter tools, The Connection Game™ and The Take Five Check-in. So it is structured where we ask ourselves some questions and share them in front of each other. We talked about some of the things that were frustrating us and that we were dreading. We also talked about things going on in our heads.

Trust Each Other

Also, we talked about some of the wonders, the things we're celebrating and looking forward to in our gratitude and our “I am's”, so it was so cool to share that as well. As we shared, we opened up to tough conversations, and it was simple and wonderful. So you have to trust each other to share and having structure really helped me. So rather than just saying, “Chris, what are you dreading?” And “Sue, What are your celebrations?” It's asking ourselves the same question and setting space for intentionality and time. We booked three hours together, without other distractions, and it was fabulous.

Create Deep Relationships

Thank you Sue and Chris for trusting me to have those conversations. Thank you for giving me honest feedback and love. It just deepened my relationship with each of you, it deepened my relationship with myself and with God because I was able to share it in a loving space. As I shared, I realized some of these things weren't as bad as I thought. Some of these crazy dreams weren't as crazy as I thought and it's just an awesome opportunity. I encourage you to set some time aside to create a deeper relationship with anyone in your life that you want to have a deeper relationship with. Schedule your time with the intention to say, “You know what, I just want to get to know you more”, “I want to be deeper with you and I just want to grow our relationship”. So I asked my sister and my brother and they said “Yeah, man”. It got me out of a box of “we're always happy”, we don't share our emotions, and “they're gonna laugh at me”. It was fantastic.

So create great relationships, especially with some family members.

iM Coach Bob. Have a great day, peace.



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