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I've been an entrepreneur for several years and a recurring theme that comes up is “ringing the bell”. This is a celebratory milestone when someone sells their company and nets $10 million dollars, meaning that they theoretically will never have to work again.

Ringing the bell was a big definition of success. As a result, I put that mentality out there for many years, thinking that if I was able to ring the bell, I’d finally be successful. Years passed and I’ve since sold a few businesses, but have not yet rung that bell. It’s been an issue for me, leaving me to sometimes feel unsuccessful compared to those around me.

After a while, I realized that I might not be close to ringing the $10 million bell. Instead of stressing about it, I’ve created and used the iMatter tools to help me to define what success means to me. After using these tools, sharing my results, and being guided by my close peer group (especially my wife), I’ve discovered that I define my own success by having the freedom to choose how I live my life and how I spend my time.

I can have quality time with my family whenever I want, I’m using my Great Gift within my business, I’m healthy, I have peace of mind, I can take time for myself, and I’m there for my kids. As I live in the freedom of my life, I really begin to feel successful, even if I don’t have $10 million in the bank!

The point here is to define what success means for you. What does ringing the bell look like in your eyes? Maybe it’s retiring early, having the flexibility to spend time with your family, or maybe it’s even selling your company and netting $10 million after all. Whatever it is, it’s your choice! One way to uncover your definition of success is finding the “why” behind it. What motivates you? Discover that, celebrate it, and work toward ringing your own bell.

What does ringing the bell look like to you?


The core of what we do at iMatter is help you shift your mindset, realize what matters most, get clear on who you are, and learn how to truly live your North Star. We offer community, a safe space, and inspiration for Visionaries that are craving exponential growth and driven to expand their lives.

No matter where you are in the world, iMatter will help you gain clarity, be fulfilled, and feel connected to help you make a huge impact within yourself, your family, and your community. And by the way, as you step into your greatness you will have a ton of fun along the way…



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