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Realizing Vision

Updated: Mar 24, 2023

Hi, Coach Bob here talking about Realizing Vision.

I'm the founder of iMatter and the Visionary Forum. I love almost all things about Visionaries. Our role in society today is to help people realize the value of having a vision. That's not just for Visionaries in business, it's for our kids.

What is having a vision?

What is their vision of the future? What does it look like? Imagine this great future. So what is it? It's to realize that we have a say in our future and that we can call it forth if we're clear. We must realize what matters the most to us. Is it the location? Or is it a feeling? Is it an experience? Ultimately, trust faith and just know that this can happen, and it probably will, if we stay focused on it.

Why do we have a vision?

So why have a vision? It’s to experience joy, love, and freedom; to me, that is the “why” of my life. I imagined this great future, and I look forward to it. My future is greater than my past. My conscious and subconscious are thinking about it. I'm excited every day because I look at that.

How do we have a vision?

Next, how do we do it? You have to picture it. It's clear and concise. Document it, and have pictures and a vision board. I have an Excel spreadsheet called The Life Ladder, and I share it with those around me. I let it evolve, explore it, and have it in front of me all the time.

I'm imagining this great future and I keep improving on the past. I can be present right now and impact the present. Ultimately, picture, see, live, and realize it. That means it comes through. So our role is to teach “What is the vision?”. How do we recognize it? We teach our kids to help explode us into the wisdom age. This is the greatest time ever to be alive, not only for us Visionaries but for those we set an example for to see and realize their vision.

iM Coach Bob. Have a great day, and peace out.



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