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One of the 6 Habits of Being A Great Visionary

Updated: Mar 24, 2023

Hi, iM Coach Bob here to talk about one of the six habits of being a great e’ffing Visionary.

This habit is for the Visionary to know, live, and love. Also, to share our why, what, and how and to whom. This is in business. What is our why for being here? Now, it's also work from anywhere, work whenever and there are so many different things going on. Simplifying my life and having one why, one what, one how, and one to who, it's all becoming one.

Ultimately, when I'm excited, I'm living, loving, and sharing my why. My why is to experience love, experience joy, and experience freedom. I am experiencing those things right now. I don't need anything outside of myself. I have that documented, and I'm sharing it. In the past, as a Visionary, my job was to sell and I was the hero to always come through. I'm done selling. I'm now compelling. So creating that compelling story for me, to get me excited for my team, for our clients, and our prospects in our community, are amazing. Ultimately, live, laugh, know, and promote your why, what, and how. Be ready for transformation and evolution.

iM Coach Bob, have a great day. Peace.



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