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Compelling Not Selling

Updated: Mar 24, 2023

Hey, Coach Bob here to talk about Selling or Compelling.

The world has changed and I grew up a trained assassin on how to sell. It was like the film Glengarry Glen Ross.

Do Not Over Sell

So how do you almost trick people into buying? I've had to go through some therapy for trying not to oversell people. I’ve been told “Bob can sell ice to Eskimos”, and “Oh, that's great”, but I don't get a whole lot of repeat business. One of my biggest frustrations with my business, in my role, has been that I have to sell. I have to schlep a ticket and that just doesn't work anymore. People don't want to be sold to and I don't want to sell. A few people have flipped that for me recently. My mindset is to not sell but compel.

Try to Compel

So if I'm compelling my employees for the vision (and it's a compelling vision), I'm passionate and they see the beauty, the future, and their potential role in it. Then, with clients, I'm compelling them on our story and the value we can provide. It may not be a fit, but it's gonna be compelling to the right target market. So, I'm flipping it from selling too compelling and adding value to the world. I’m putting out compelling snippets, ah-ha’s, and thoughts where people are intrigued. We are a compelling, worthwhile use of their time, to listen to what we have to say. Then they may engage with us, purchase something, or introduce us to someone. It's a lot more fun. Someone the other day said “community” is the new sales. That to me is very exciting because I love being a part of a community where we're serving each other, helping each other, and networking for each other.

What a cool opportunity to flip it from selling to compelling. iM Coach Bob, thanks for listening. Hopefully, this was compelling. Have a great day. Peace.



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