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You Don't Have to Break In Order to Heal

Updated: Mar 24, 2023

Coach Bob here to talk about healing.

Healing. I used to be afraid of that word. I don't need to be healed, I'm fine, or is there something wrong with me? Healing is not a bad word, it's actually an opportunity.

So what is healing?

Healing is evolving, transcending, elevating, and moving on to the next level. It could be physical healing, it could be intellectual healing, it could be emotional healing or spiritual healing.

Why do we want to heal? I want to heal to get unstuck. My shoulders have been an issue. So I tried a lot of alternative things, finally got surgery, and it's helping! It’s helping me to get unstuck physically, to be unstuck, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

Another reason we heal is that when we heal, we’re impacting more than just ourselves. I find that as I heal and resolve things, I feel my dad, who passed away ten years ago, and my ancestors saying, “way to go.” It's helping to heal the people that came before me. Then as I'm healing, and I'm healing myself, the universe, and my kids. I’m healing them because we’ll often become our parents unless we heal.

The third why is peace and joy, and love. And so when I'm stuck, I’m not at peace and joy.

The Healing Process

So, how does one heal? The first is to let go. David Hawkins wrote a great book on letting go. He says to acknowledge the anger, fear of frustration, acknowledge the emotion, and accept that emotion. It's okay. I used to be embarrassed that I was angry or sad. It's like, you got a great life, be happy. And yet, I would be stuck. The goal is to experience that emotion and then go to the next level and raise the level of consciousness.

The second goal of healing is to get to the love frequency. Hawkins talks about once we get to courage, it becomes a positive emotion. And then, if we can get to love, that’s when there's clarity.

How do I get the love frequency? I take time for myself, and I do the Take Five Check-In, I spend time by water, have deep conversations, and just celebrate life. To be solely focused on the present moment is to tap into the love frequency. And the last goal is to be transparent and vulnerable. Often I don’t want people to think less of me, but when I can pause and say, “here's where I'm stuck,” I can accept myself where I am, whether in therapy or in a forum.

In The Visionary Forum, we believe sharing our weaknesses is a strength. And when we allow ourselves to be vulnerable, we create the safe space that another person needs to express their struggles and frustrations. They have the opportunity to transcend and rise above, too.

So healing is not a bad thing, especially in this amazing age we live in, so it's fun stuff. I'd love to share more and if other people have ideas or suggestions, let me know, but I am healed. Peace



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