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Updated: Mar 24, 2023

Today I'm here to talk about WWE.

A big acronym right is WFA, which means work from anywhere, and that's real and it's here and a lot of us are still settling into that. Yet, I'm realizing there's another called WWE, which means work whenever.

I used to get up, go to work, come home and then I'd be home. Now, it's all blended together, which is kinda cool but can also be kinda stressful. Your subconscious will kinda play with you and say am I at play? am I working? am I following up on stuff?

Dan Sullivan, a great mentor of many of ours, also known as the Strategic Coach has a thing called focus, free, and buffer days. That's where we focus for a full day on the big stuff, strategy, new clients, etc. Free days are when you do no work, you're not checking emails or anything. Then on buffer days, it's everything in between; meetings, follow-up emails, etc. Great concept and yet, I can throw that right out the window now.

As a visionary with a short attention span, I've realized that working whenever is real and it's here. So if I'm on a vacation and I really need to and want to do a few key calls, I can. Because I tend to get stressed because I'm missing something.

And my family's like, well, aren't you going to come to play? I thought we were on vacation. And yet, I still need to and want to get stuff done.

So for me, I love 90-minute sprints, and it doesn't amazing things for my mental and productivity. I divvied up my days where I can say okay, this year I'm up North in Michigan and I'm pretty much on vacation, but there are two or three slots of 90-minute timeframes that I need to tell my family and myself, I'm going to work.

And it's not necessarily sitting by the lake, as the kids are jumping in the water, it's me going into town, and focusing. I'm going to work and then the benefit is, I'm still up North and I get to then be with my family.

The world has changed.

I know that for me I can focus really hard and be present for 90 minutes, and then I need to shift.

So find what works for you and work whenever.

Create the life you want.



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