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Power of Groups

Hi, Coach Bob here to talk about the Power of Groups.

What is the power of a group?

What is the power of a group? What is the group? It's a community of people with a common purpose and a common goal. They are also willing to be committed to spending time together to learn and grow together and to elevate each other. It's also humans connecting.

Why would we want to have groups?

Why would we want to have groups? Why have the power of it? It's a sense of belonging to something, and something greater than myself, serving others while also being served. It also holds accountability and connection.

How do I use the power of a group?

Then how do I use the power of a group? It's commitment. It's the amount of time that I'm going to commit to this group, these people, being open and honest with each other. It’s also to create a trusted space, a space of safety where people can share anything good, bad, or ugly. It's a gift to be vulnerable and to have structure. It's not just getting together, it's to have a set structure and someone leading that structure. It can shift who's leading. It doesn't have to be a “leader”, but it's someone who has that role in making sure that we have a set time that we're going to meet, and that people know what they're doing. We're staying on track because it's frustrating to be a part of a group, and it's wandering aimlessly. So it's not about what's missing. It's who's missing. So who do I want to be in a group where people can uplift my soul? Who do I have fun with?

So find a group, create a group, be a part of the group, be committed, be vulnerable, and rise to that next level. It's an awesome thing.

iM Coach Bob, thanks for listening. Peace.



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