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Updated: Apr 3, 2023

Hi, iM Coach Bob here to talk about perspective.

What is perspective?

Perspective is how I view the world and how I view my world. This is my life, not to be selfish, but I can't control anything else. I don't know if I can control myself. How I view my world really does shape my world. Life and the universe are like a giant boomerang. What I put out, I get back. When I put out negativity, I get negativity back, when I put out doubt, I get doubt back. When I put out love, I get love back and if I put out Joy, I get the joy back. I found from my experience, and for many others, we truly do create our own reality. I think about the feelings that I am putting out and if I'm putting out negativity and doubt, that's what I'm getting back. So if life sucks, and that's my perspective, life's probably going to suck. When life is amazing and full of wonder, it's usually pretty cool.

Invest in Yourself

Ultimately, it's to make time, invest time to take care of myself, to act like iMatter, to ponder what's going on here. I am taking time to appreciate this moment right now. One of the things that I can control in life is my attitude. So we say it's Choose your Tude. I'm going into today thinking that life is full of wonder, excitement, love, and possibilities. In the past, that's not how I always looked at things. In the past, I had a lot of frustrations. So what's most important to me? What's my attitude right now? What's my perspective on things?

Vision a Great Future

All those things that happened in the past, I could have regretted or they could bring me right here to where I am right now. There are all these things I think “oh my gosh, what could go wrong”, but what could go right? As I vision this great future, and imagine improving on the past, it's okay to think about the past, not in regret, but in “Oh, could I have looked at that differently”. Or “how could I have shown up differently and then impact this moment right now with a great perspective, and with a great attitude”.

It's a great day to be alive. iM Coach Bob, enjoy, Peace.



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