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Updated: Mar 24, 2023

Hi, iM Coach Bob here to talk about miracles.

Finding Your Miracle

I love miracles. In the past, I have been able to kind of vision where my business is going and vision where my life is going. Yet, when things don't go exactly how I thought they would, I often get very frustrated. I've realized I need to spend some time thinking and feeling about what the future could be, and celebrate the past. Being in the present is an amazing opportunity. Yet, to be specific on exactly how I want something to go, doesn't always work.

Shift Your Mindset

I think for me it's so valuable to make time to think about things that matter most and share that vision. If things don't go exactly how I want, I've been able to shift that by thinking there's something greater in store. So shifting that frustration, doubt, and anger when things didn't go exactly my way I say, “Wow, that was a pretty cool vision”, "There’s something greater about becoming" and "I love miracles". To expect miracles, I found that things showed up that I would never have thought of, and were greater than I imagined. Does it make sense for me to make time to have a vision? Absolutely. Think about the “why” behind it and the emotion and feeling behind it because that's what I'm putting out to the universe. Amazing things show up. So choose to love miracles and expect miracles. It's an awesome opportunity (this thing we call life).

Have a great day. iM Coach Bob, peace.



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