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Making Time to Act Like iMatter

Hey, Coach Bob here to talk about Making Time to Act Like iMatter.

My focus for this quarter is on my health. In the last couple of quarters, a lot of my focus has been on business and family. As I look back I nailed it and celebrated, which is awesome. Health has not been a priority of mine for a while. So I made a conscious decision to act like iMatter and make time, that is my priority this quarter. Some old habits often rear up. Getting up this morning, I allowed myself to fall into the urgent world and think about all the to-dos, have to-dos that I haven't done or my people haven't done and I started to get riled up.

Time to Act

I was about to go to yoga, and I thought, “You know what, it's just going to be easier to knock these things out”. I took a deep breath and remembered the commitment and the attention to my health. I want to get a great life, and there’s so much to look forward to. I think pretty much everyone does. If I stay in the urgent world, and just do the thing, not acting like iMatter and putting a priority on the to-dos, instead of my health, it doesn't work out well. So take a deep breath and say “I'm going to do yoga”, and then just feel great about that. Then whatever routines work for you, do it. Whether it's walking, breathing, yoga, meditation, whatever it might be, (for me, today in yoga, was the deep breaths and the gratitude) and just feeling good that you made a commitment.

You Matter

I made time to act like iMatter and I know and feel like iMatter. I love words of admiration and adoration for others, please give it to me, I love it. I pat myself on the back and say “You matter dude, take care of yourself, we love you and the world needs you and you need you”. That was a great Aha. As I walk out of yoga now, the birds are chirping, things have slowed down and I've elevated my mind and my heart. So I am stepping into an amazingly productive day and not thinking about how many things I'm getting done. It's the enjoyment and the important productivity for embracing who I am, not what I've done. So make time to act as if you matter, because you do, peace.

Thanks for listening. iM Coach Bob.



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