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Living Untethered

Updated: Mar 24, 2023

Hi Coach Bob, I am sharing a little insight from Living Untethered.

Michael Singer has written several great books. My wife and I are listening to this one for the third or fourth time. We are fast learners and excited to keep learning. One of the things that I heard today was that the flow of life is ongoing. We don't have to go and find it. We don't have to raise our consciousness level. Ultimately, it’s to let go of the blockages in our life that are stopping or impeding that flow.


Over the weekend, I had an event with my son doing a baseball showcase. He did great! A couple of the metrics came out lower than I thought, and it was boring, and it was “this and that”... and I got really angry. Any anger, fear, and frustration is a blockage. In iMatter talk, any anger, fear, or frustration is an opportunity to learn and grow. As I exhibit to myself, I've learned that I got to the next level when I let those things go.

Put it to Practice

We have a tool called flip it and I did it. Go to to read more about it or buy the book on Unscatter the Chatter because that's chatter in my head. There was a blockage from my past that really bothered me. It wasn't even that situation, it was a past issue. It was baggage from the past. So I spent about 15 minutes doing a flip-it exercise and let it go. It's so freeing to let those blockages go and raise my consciousness level. This was inspired by David Hawkins, Michael Singer, and others to elevate our consciousness level and rise up to love, peace, joy, and past courage. Also, to get to what we call the love frequency. So flip it, and let go of past baggages. It is just not fun having those things that keep bugging us over and over again. So flip it and enjoy your life.

iM Coach Bob. Peace.



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