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Why live this way and make these choices?

  • To make life more enjoyable

  • Make life a little bit easier

  • Build self-satisfaction

It's about realizing that life doesn’t need to be this hard and having the opportunity to enjoy more things. I want it to be easier and to feel good about myself and my integrity and that I am learning and gaining that self-mastery.

What is “It's up to me, it's not all about me?”

  • A mantra and mindset

  • A choice

  • Personal accountability and responsibility

A mantra and a mindset: I love having a trigger or a word that I use for myself and I give permission for others to say “hey, you can remind me, and I will help remind you”, but essentially it is up to me, not all about me. It is my choice how I choose to show up at this moment. Even if it is a frustrating situation and I feel like I am being blamed for something, it is my choice how I am going to react and not take it personal.

Personal accountability and responsibility are that I am not placing the blame on others and focusing on the successes. This was up to me and again, not to take it personally.

How do I live up to this mantra?

  • Breathe

  • Commit

  • Keep learning

Breathing is slowing down and taking a deep breath and being present in the moment. This is especially helpful in a frustrating situation because you can pause and tell yourself that everything is going to be ok.

To commit to this mantra. I give permission to others to remind me that it's not all about me.

Keep learning. I love imagining a great future, improving on the past, and impacting the moment. The improving part is to look back and realize that maybe things didn’t go as planned and realizing what I could have done differently. As I exhibit to myself and the universe that I have learned this lesson I am building that mind muscle that tells me I don’t have to react and I can breathe through it. Then I start to learn during the moment, so I can catch myself before I respond or judge.

It's up to me, it’s not all about me is just another way to keep improving myself, enjoy every day, and build that self-mastery.


The core of what we do at iMatter is help you shift your mindset, realize what matters most, get clear on who you are, and learn how to truly live your North Star. We offer community, a safe space, and inspiration for Visionaries that are craving exponential growth and driven to expand their lives.

No matter where you are in the world, iMatter will help you gain clarity, be fulfilled, and feel connected to help you make a huge impact within yourself, your family, and your community. And by the way, as you step into your greatness you will have a ton of fun along the way…



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