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iMatter Revolution

Hi, Coach Bob here to talk about the iMatter Revolution.

What is the iMatter Revolution?

What is the iMatter Revolution? It's we as a society, breaking through the ceiling of complexity. As far as going to the next stage, we've gone from the agricultural age to the industrial age, and then to the informational technology age. I call it the wisdom age, this is the greatest time ever to be alive. It may not always seem like it with all the divisiveness in fear and anger, but that's the ceiling of complexity.

Lead By Example

It's exciting to be one of the many Visionaries that are leading by example, and walking the talk to say, “I'm not going to let things bother me outside of myself, let the chatter from outside, and let the chatter from inside get in the way of my happiness”. So we are here to see our vision, realize our vision, and teach the rest of society to do the same. This is the greatest time ever to be alive. So iMatter is not about being selfish, but investing time, making time to tap into what's going on in my head and in my heart. So I ask myself “How do I elevate my mind, expand my impact and see a vision that brings me love, joy, and freedom”? It's an awesome thing. So, welcome to the revolution.

iM Coach Bob, have a great day. Peace.



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