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Often, I have a hard time being present. My monkey mind is constantly going on and on, thinking about the past and worrying about the future. As a result, this takes away from being present with those around me, the situation, and the learning opportunities available.

At iMatter, a big part of our Flip-It exercise (where we take a negative situation and Flip It into a positive one) is to imagine, improve, and impact. What does this mean?

  1. Imagine Take a second and think about the future. What could it look like? We call it the 3-Year Picture. I can picture it, smell it, taste it, hear it, and feel it coming to life in three years! My conscious and subconscious begin to believe that it’s happening. From there, I start to live it.

  2. Improve By thinking about what I’m frustrated about, why it’s frustrating me, and then Flipping It to a positive, I can improve upon the past. Ultimately, I’m not going to do anything differently until I learn and vice versa. Here, I can forgive others and myself and begin to move on.

  3. Impact Once I’ve flipped a situation, I’m more likely to impact the current situation with my magic, juice, and that 10x mentality. My future is greater than my past!

An example of imagine, improve, and impact comes from my son, who is a great athlete. He recently fractured his toe and was devastated by it, which also devastated our family, since we love watching him play. I sat down with him and had him imagine himself playing in high school and how good it made him feel. After we improved on the situation at hand, which was a result of his feet growing too fast and my wife and I not taking the time to get the correct shoes, which made us feel terrible. Instead of worrying about it any further, we flipped the situation and forgave ourselves, promising to spend the money on the correct shoes. Now my son can impact the present. We asked him what he could do today to get him toward his dream of becoming a high school basketball player. This included training hard and working out his core. After we Flipped the situation, we were able to live in the present moment and savor our time together as a family!

Never in the history of man has someone changed the past, so all we can do is live in the current moment. I have a hard time doing that, but a great tool to help me is to imagine, improve, and impact!

How do you imagine, improve, and impact a situation?


The core of what we do at iMatter is help you shift your mindset, realize what matters most, get clear on who you are, and learn how to truly live your North Star. We offer community, a safe space, and inspiration for Visionaries that are craving exponential growth and driven to expand their lives.

No matter where you are in the world, iMatter will help you gain clarity, be fulfilled, and feel connected to help you make a huge impact within yourself, your family, and your community. And by the way, as you step into your greatness you will have a ton of fun along the way…



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