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Enlightened Visionary Model

Updated: Mar 24, 2023

Hi. iM Coach Bob here to talk about the Enlightened Visionary Model.

The Visionary role is a very misunderstood role by a lot of people, including us Visionaries. And so often the Visionary role is assigned or related to a business. I'm the Visionary in my business, but it can often be a Visionary for a community, one's family, or whatever it might be. Visionaries are Visionaries in life, that's part of who I am. I happen to have that seat in my business and that's awesome. Many of us grow up thinking there's magic in the world, we're connected to something greater, and it's more fun than we see things that not everyone else sees. Often people have let society beat that creativity and that connection out of us. As Visionaries, we're great at connecting and we love it. We almost have to connect with other Visionaries, someone greater than ourselves. I've been on a 25-year journey to being enlightened and being fulfilled as a Visionary in my life. “It's not an excuse, I'm not good at this, I'm not going to do it”. That's not what we're talking about. It's a model of “what does it look like to be an Enlightened Visionary”?

1. Business process/System

To start, come up with a business process, because a lot of times as Visionaries, we often are the inspiration for the business. We are also the owner, the biggest Rainmaker, and yet, often we create this monster that grows out of control. It can be that we're in seats that we don't like, and we're creating services that don't make sense. Pick a business process that makes sense to define, you, who you are, where you are going, and how you are going to get there. The whole company knows who we are as a business and where we're going. Therefore, pick a business process. You must come up with a light or a spiritual process. I used to think this was first, finding out how I can be a great leader if I don't know who I am, and yet. I find often it's not sorted in order but often the business process helps us to get rid of that stress.

2. Life and spiritual process

Then, also look at life or a spiritual process. That might include books, or joining a group and there are a lot of programs out there, so pick one. There are thousands of business processes, pick one. Also, there are thousands of spiritual processes, there might be millions of them, pick one.

3. Relevant peer groups

Next, have a relevant peer group or peer groups. Which might be a parenting group, an entrepreneur group, or a Visionary group. You know who you really relate to, who you want to learn from, share experiences, and connect with, so find those peer groups.

4. Workshops and retreats

Next, our retreats and workshops are made to learn and grow. A lot of us Visionaries have a real thirst for living, we'd love to learn, and we love to teach. With that, I'd still find the right program to really learn about your business and about your life. The workshops are made for learning together and learning how to be vulnerable. Also, to put yourself out there and find there's a safe space being with the group, and a safe space to be who you truly are. The real safe space to hear myself think, feel myself feel. Then attend retreats, which is part of getting away to invest time and money, getting off the grid, and connecting with others with something greater. Ultimately connecting with ourselves, and getting away from the riffraff to realize what matters most.

5. To be coached

Then, to be coached. I find as a Visionary, I happen to be all over the place and again, that's not an excuse. Having a coach in business, life, and someone who can call me out, or help hold my hand down a path is huge. I have someone who is a mentor, who's done it before and can lead me down that path. I find a lot of Visionaries, when we coach, we're teaching what I call a craft.

6. To coach

Craft is something that I'm teaching and still learning. I might be a business coach, here's what I'm learning, and here's what works. I'm going to be vulnerable and share with you the thing on the life side or the spiritual side. That is to coach, which might be in your business, or to become a coach for your marketing company or your distribution company and create a great culture. We're teaching what we need to learn and then we become masters at it.

7. Authentic thought leader

Then, that leads us to become authentic thought leaders. Which may be in your business, but it's often something a little deeper. It might be, “hey, I'm a marketing company”, and that's great, but it might be about branding in general. Who are you and what are the simple processes around being a thought leader in your business or in your life? I found that for myself and other Visionaries, I'm teaching what I need to learn, so again we can become a master at it. It might be by writing a book, having workshops, conferences, or creating a community. Which can lead to an amazing thing as being recognized as a thought leader. Many of us Visionaries love to be an expert or a master of something. What is it that you're a master of, and then ultimately, Life Beyond the body?

8. Life beyond the vine

My great friend, Gina Whitman, taught me about letting go of the body. It was to create the people, culture, and processes, and then let go of the vine. I don't have to do everything I need to do. Also, to be kind of above it all and to see the vision, or question whether are we going in the right direction. I won’t need to ask what are the opportunities. He talks about letting go of the vine, and a lot of Visionaries have a hard time letting go of the vine if they don't know what life beyond the vine is. It is saying, “I am not just the Visionary in my business, I am Bob, I'm a loving soul, I am a, you, and I help spread love and light”. You may ask, how do I do that? When I let go of the vine, I'm not caught up in the urgent part of my life, and I'm not rushing. A lot of us Visionaries are running, and we might be running from something. These things can help us to figure out what we're running from and let go of that, and tap into the magic of life. Also, to slow down this brilliant mind that we have, the monkey mind and in rushing, and to start to really tap into our hearts. I didn't want to tap into my heart, and that isn't necessarily my strength. I started to let go of the vine and to rise above it and think about life, beyond the vine, I started to tap into my heart and into the universe and into God. I tapped into me and to my dad who passed away years ago. That's the magic. That’s spirit. That’s love. That's changing our world and we have hit the ceiling of complexity as a society. That's a scary time and It's a sad time. There's a lot of anger out there, so it's time for the Visionaries, us Visionaries, to step up and be an example to say, here's my vision for who I am. Here's my vision for my company, and for my family, go through things like this, have that vision, and then go realize that vision, manifest it and share it. Ask for help. This is the greatest time ever to be alive and to be a Visionary right now.

This is what I'm working on and it's been amazing. I'm sharing it with more people and people are thirsty for this. This is what I wanted, to be an Enlightened Visionary. Here's a model, and here's what it looks like. I love to share more about that and how to get there. I know a lot of tools that work. We have some tools that work at iMatter and we are here to inspire Visionaries to live a life beyond the vine. Life is fucking awesome. I find if I'm caught up in the day-to-day, I'm kind of angry at my business or in my life, so this is what has worked for me.

Here's what has worked for hundreds of other Visionaries and we're excited to share it with thousands of Visionaries and leaders and to help heal the world. Ultimately, it starts with me, and it's not all about me, so I'm excited to share more about the Enlightened Visionary model. It's my passion, my purpose and I'm here to help to elevate the entrepreneurial spirit through the Enlightened Visionary Model.

Thank you for listening. iM Coach Bob, have a great day, peace.



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