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Creating Spiritual Conversations

Updated: Mar 24, 2023

Hi. iM Coach Bob, here to talk about creating spiritual conversations.

My wife and I have been playing in the spiritual space for a long time. It’s our hobby, and we love doing it. Evolving, elevating our mind & consciousness, and getting to that love frequency fulfills us. 

There are a lot of people who, over the years, have felt alone. I know I felt alone, that I think differently than what society is telling me, what the media is telling me, what the government is telling me, and what the banks are telling me. Everywhere I turned, there was a message saying You gotta get stuff done. You gotta conform. 

And one of the greatest lessons I've learned recently is from my engineering daughter, my 21-year-old amazing daughter, who got very scared during this shutdown. She was afraid of the divisiveness we experienced, the separation, and just being alone. 

And one day, she made a decision. She had a revelation and said, “there's more to life than just engineering and to-do's and just surviving.” And so, she made a commitment to learn how to create spiritual conversations.

She led me to realize that although I do this for a living, I was still tiptoeing around initiating spiritual conversations. I projected reactions like, "ooh, Bob's spiritual he must be a weirdo." And I allowed that to limit my topics to subjects I thought were socially expected and accepted. 

My experience in spirituality is not unique. There are a lot of people out there with these inclinations who feel alone. It’s as if we're in a spiritual closet of sorts, and now we're emerging from it. It's okay to be vulnerable, to share, and create a safe space to hear yourself think.

My daughter making that statement has brought more spiritual conversations into my life. Now I visit her house and her college, and she's asking people, “what brought you to join this?” And it's like, wow. Having a chance to spend time with my amazing daughter Grace and taking a second to say what is joy and to celebrate what brings me joy. Deciding let's go there more. Let's raise our level of consciousness. Let's have those spiritual conversations. 

I am so grateful to Grace and grateful to my wife, and to so many people saying I don't want to be alone anymore. And to ultimately have these great relationships with each other, so we can also have a great relationship with God, something greater than ourselves, whatever that may be, and a great relationship with ourselves. So thank you, Grace, for that. Thank you for Spirit. Thank you for Love, and thank you for this amazing thing called life.

 iM Coach Bob. Thanks for listening. Peace.



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