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Updated: Mar 24, 2023

Connection is key to growth as a visionary, leader, and person as a whole. Below I've outlined my why, who, and how connection points, be sure to do the same for yourself...

Why is having a connection important?

So I’m not alone, too often I feel like I’m alone. There’s a safe space where I can hear myself think. There’s transformation to go to the next level, evolve, and grow.

Who do I connect to?

Connect with peer groups, people who think like you and could be dealing with similar challenges. Also, connect with something greater. Maybe it’s God or nature, just make that effort with something greater than yourself. Ultimately, connect with yourself too.

How can/do you connect?

  • Make time

  • Be in nature

  • Be vulnerable

Make time means to fanatically schedule time for myself to check in, go for a walk, or tap into what's going on around me.

There is something about being in the mountains, going for a walk, fresh air, sunshine, the beauty of nature, or water; whatever it may be. There is something about doing those things and being surrounded by nature that helps people feel connected.

To be vulnerable is to have courage. That courage is being willing to ask myself great questions, to share with others, and to connect with others.

Why connect?

I don’t want to be alone. I want to go to the next level and evolve. I want to have that safe space to hear myself think.

Now, your turn! Answer these questions:

  1. Why is having a connection important?

  2. Who do I connect to?

  3. How can/do I connect?

  4. Why should I be connecting?

Feeling stuck? CONNECT with us and we will help lead you.


The core of what we do at iMatter is help you shift your mindset, realize what matters most, get clear on who you are, and learn how to truly live your North Star. We offer community, a safe space, and inspiration for Visionaries that are craving exponential growth and driven to expand their lives.

No matter where you are in the world, iMatter will help you gain clarity, be fulfilled, and feel connected to help you make a huge impact within yourself, your family, and your community. And by the way, as you step into your greatness you will have a ton of fun along the way…



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