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Updated: Mar 24, 2023

Why do I want confidence?

  • Courage

  • Deep knowing

  • Limiting doubt

The first why is courage. To climb a ladder for an opportunity, for a new relationship, or for the day. It’s also the courage to jump when it's not the right opportunity or the right time. It’s okay. I am going to be okay.

The next why, is a deep knowing. This is faith. Just knowing what is going on. That could be faith about is there a God or not, who am I, or around different things in life. It’s just a knowing. I think something, I believe it and then I just know it.

The third why is to limit doubt. I would love to say eliminate doubt, but I haven’t experienced that yet! I have a lot less doubt when I have confidence about why I am here. Even with the things that are going on in the world, I know it’s going to be okay. It’s not about being naïve. Deep down we are going to be okay. Things might not go the way I think it’s going to, but it works out great as long as I have that confidence. What is confidence? To me it’s about:

  • Realizing what matters most

  • Clarifying who I am

  • Following my north star

First, realizing what matters most to me in this stage of my life. It’s about being a great father, being a great husband, providing great value. It may not be everything in my whole life, but right now what matters most. This helps me to prioritize and have confidence about my choice of what I am going to do today.

Next, clarifying who I am is to know myself. The more I know who I am then it gives me confidence. For example, I am a great father, I am a visionary, I am here today, I am a constant learner and teacher. The more I know myself, the more confidence I have.

Finally, following my north star is about knowing my why. Why am I here on this planet? This may change over time and at different stages in our life. Ultimately to know these are the things that help to guide my choices. Do I take on this responsibility? Do I jump at this opportunity? Why am I here? Am I following that beacon of what am I here to teach? How does one gain confidence? For me, it’s to:

  • Make time to think

  • Take action

  • Learn and repeat

Make time to think involves fanatically scheduling time to check-in daily, weekly, quarterly. For example, on a weekly basis, I schedule 90 minutes to tap into what’s going on in my head, what’s going on in my heart. The answers are inside. The time is NOW. As I make time to think it helps me to realize what matters most, clarify who I am, and follow my north star so I can take action on the most important things. As I knock those things out, I gain confidence for myself, I give confidence to others, and it’s much more of a knowing. Lastly, is to learn and repeat. I might make a mistake and it’s okay. How can I learn? What was my responsibility in that outcome? How can I learn from that? Confidence has ultimately helped me to have a great day, have a great week, have a great life. I look forward to sharing more. If you want to build confidence in a safe space with other visionaries full of energy and inspiration, I invite you to come test drive The Visionary Forum.



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