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Updated: Mar 24, 2023

Hey there, Coach Bob here, recuperating from shoulder surgery. It went very well. It's an interesting metaphor, I know, along with a lot of Visionaries, carry the weight of the world on our shoulders. And often we do that to ourselves.

So this, to me is an interesting way to let go of that. And to let go the vine, it's almost that I need to schedule time off or take that sabbatical.

I don't recommend surgery, necessarily.

So quick thought, something I learned from my wife and their friends.

They're talking about community within a community. And I love that. So my community is everyone around me, and I love being a part of that. But then what she talked about with her friends is it's a community within that. It happens to be female group within a certain area. And I love the more finite group as we have, like The Visionary Forum, and things like that.

The Visionary Forum is a community within a community. I'm gonna go one more as I like to. It's community within the community within community. So it's me with my neighbors, as the big community. And then my community, within a community as my family and The Visionary Forum and people that I really have connected with and committed to and committed with. And then ultimately, the community inside.

The community to myself community to, you know, my my head and my heart, my ego in my heart. I've realized that I don't want to get rid of my ego. I want to be one with it, I want to be in commune, and in community with my ego.

And that was such a relief to realize that recently.

That it's all one, and then community to God, community to something greater.

My wife and I are all about community, and just love being open and honest. And it's a safe space to hear ourselves think, it's full of wonder. It's wonder-ful.

So what is your community?

Commit to it, and mainly to commit to yourself and who you want to be with. Who you who lifts you up? ultimately, I lift myself up, when I allow myself to learn that taking time for my iTime and checking in and time with my wife who my biggest community and tightest community. just sharing couple thoughts. Love your community, be a part of it.



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