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Becoming a Thought Leader

Hey, Coach Bob here sharing a couple of ah-has from a great conversation with my great friend and wonderful client, Dan. As Dan has put structure into his life to help him know what matters most for his business and who the business is, where they're going, and how they're going to get there. He’s doing that with his life while making decisions around what matters most to him.

He's rocking it. So you're an inspiration, Dan.

Becoming a Thought Leader

What we're talking about is he's becoming a true thought leader. He's been a one-on-one thought leader with many people for years. He's helped a lot of us with health and his questions are super dry for integrity and natural things. So I appreciate that. As he's stepping into being a real thought leader for many, he's written a book that will come out (which I'm very excited to get a proof copy of). What he said was, he doesn't necessarily love doing interviews, but he's ready now because he's got a structure and a script for what he's teaching. So rather than seeing something different that’s supposed to be similar, but different words, people may not hear that at first.

So he's now having a script to share with people, and then they can hear it for the second time, third time, from the video, or from someone else. So that reminded me as we have The Visionary Summit and Go To The Mountain, (which are amazing experiences) it's hard to explain to some people. So thank you, Dan. I'm coming up with a script around the conversations about The Mountain, it ties into our book Unscatter The Chatter and so it's helping me clarify and simplify my message. Thank you, Dan, for being a thought leader. Thank you for sharing your experience with me and how you're learning and growing. It's helping me to have a simplified message. I can always go into more detail and ramble, but I need to have a simple message for people and create a script. I used to run screaming from rehearsing or having a script, but it's just a few simple words that we repeat, and our clients repeat. So when they're sharing it, it's like, “Oh, that's what Bob said, or "That's what Dan said.”

So, thank you, Dan, for your wisdom and your time. I appreciate you. iM Coach Bob. Peace.



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