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Updated: Mar 24, 2023

Be not afraid? I don't need to be afraid I got everything figured out. And lately, things are going really well in my life, which is awesome. I had a great summer traveling with my son and his baseball team. I just took my daughter, son, my wife and I out to the mountains of Colorado for a little retreat, its awesome.

A lot of things going well.

And then the other morning, I woke up and it's the last day of the vacation, and I just had this pit in my stomach. All these things came up...

"What if everything goes wrong? And the summer is over? And we never get to do this trip again?"

It honestly shook me a bit and I had to ask myself "What is being afraid?"

It's clouding my focus and making me focus on the negative and it's making me lose confidence. And I'm out of the flow when for a couple of days, and for a lot of the summer I've been at this high level, this high frequency, I call it the love frequency, with this trip being the epitome of that.

So it kind of shocked me that morning when I woke up and I was like, "oh, and I was everything goes wrong?" I just got this overwhelming, be not afraid.

And what does that even mean?

And why?

Why not to be afraid?

I'm more productive, it's growth oriented, it's fun.

So, how to be not afraid?

You know, to me, it's to have time for myself and to tap into my head and my heart. To be grateful. To be able to share the fear and/or the opportunities and the gratitude with someone. It's a safe space.

And to flip that... My wife and I woke up yesterday and she had a similar emotion. And we were both just like, ah! So we took a deep breath and shared and again, shared some of the gratitude and looked at the good things and we flipped it.

We created a safe place and we realized we weren't alone. I feel like when I touch that high frequency often, my ego comes in and says "Yeah, but what about all these other things?"

We got in late that night and I made sure the next morning to what I call iTime (or checking in).

So I tapped in with my head and my heart.

And if you go to we have a thing called the Take Five check in, and feel free to use that as a way to tap into your head and your heart. Better yet share it with someone, I also share it on audio with people on my team.

After checking in, today I'm just like "I'm not afraid and everything's okay."

Could things go wrong? Absolutely. But to not regret about the past and not worry about the future and be here right now. It's like all these things that yesterday was like "I have to go do these!" I get to go do these things. Be not afraid. Why not? Life is too short to be afraid and to be worried and not have confidence. So enjoy your life and be not afraid.



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