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Expediting the Synchronicity

Updated: Mar 24, 2023

Hey there,

Coach Bob, I am here to talk about expediting synchronicity. What we do at The Visionary Forum, The Visionary Summit, and The Mountain is expediting synchronicity.

What is synchronicity?

It's a coincidence or not a coincidence. It's unexpected. It's bigger than I thought. It's just what I needed. Yet my mind didn't necessarily figure it out.

Why do we want to have expedited synchronicity?

It helps me to know that I don't have to have to get all the answers out of my head or out of my mind. It is bigger than me and I might have an idea about it. Yet, when synchronicity happens, it's usually "wow, that was even bigger than I expected". Then another reason is, it’s just meant to be, it is just what God's putting out, and what the universe is putting out. It's really cool.

How do we expedite synchronicity?

It's having deep spiritual, real conversations and digging in, and getting to know the other person. It’s about hearing ourselves speak, creating a safe space to hear ourselves speak, and creating a safe space to hear others speak. As I get to know your why, your what, your how, and with who. Then I can be like, ooh, I can think of someone that should be really talking to that person. Then I think about how it is to be present. So it is to really be listening, and not trying to get anything else out of the conversation, other than getting to know that person. How can I help them? How can I serve? Is there something bigger and grander that they're not thinking of? Then the last thing is to connect.


So again, to connect with that person, really let them know that they're heard, that they feel seen, and then to connect with them. Connect them with others, and then help them to connect with themselves. So it's a cool opportunity and a great age that we live in. It's the decade of the visionary, to have a vision and to manifest that amazing vision. So I'm honored to help other visionaries manifest their visions and to help expedite synchronicity. Cool stuff.

Have a great day, peace.



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