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The “Take 5” Workbook was created by Visionary Coach, Bob Shenefelt, to provide visionary entrepreneurs and their teams with a quick, succinct tool to:

  • Create great relationships
  • Grow yourself, your business and your team
  • Gain clarity and focus
  • Re-enforce values and goals
  • Be more productive
  • Reduce stress and anxiety
  • Be more fulfilled
  • And much more!

The Take 5 Workbook Includes:

  • An overview about this amazing tool
  • The Rules of Engagement
  • The 5-Minutes Check-In Process
  • The 5-Minute Check-In Worksheet

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Here's what people are experiencing with the iMatter tools:

The 5 minute check in is a very powerful tool. I’m able to get a great snapshot of my current state which gives me absolute clarity on what needs to get done going forward.
— Gino Wickman, EOS Worldwide
From a team perspective, the 5 minute check-in makes meetings more productive, and creates a connection and sense of team-work amongst the attendees. From a personal perspective, it provides clarity and awareness so that I can focus on what’s important and become aware of what may be blocking me from achieving my goals.
— Kimberly Coots,
This exercise is a great one. I have used it with my Leadership Team, Recruitment Teams, family and friends. It has been a powerful tool to create a new and deeper understanding of one another while having fun! It has been especially helpful as a building block in developing trust within Teams! I highly recommend the exercise as a simple and very effective format for leaders and for anyone looking to expand their current personal or professional relationships.
— Frances L. Lucido, Personnel Unlimited

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