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The Will Book Series: The Story of Will

Will Allen isn't thrilled to get the invitation to his family reunion. Although it has been 10 years since he last attended, with his workload and bid to be the next executive vice president at his company, hanging out with the relatives isn't a priority. Pressured to make the week long trip, he begrudgingly drives his wife and kids - who have been enduring Will's non-stop schedule - east to his small Pennsylvania hometown, hoping to use the time away to devise a plan that will assure him the promotion. When he gets pulled into conversation with a cousin at a cookout, Will is reminded that family bonds don't fade just when work gets in the way. But is that knowledge enough to bridge the distance he created with his own family?

After turning down a promotion to focus on what matters most in his life, Will Allen notices that things at his office aren’t what they once were. Meetings are scheduled without his knowledge, clients are being reassigned, and a new guy arrives to take the position originally meant for him. Meanwhile, Will’s new role as assistant coach for his son Nathan’s basketball team isn’t going that well either. When he’s not arriving late due to some work crisis, he’s getting pressured to dedicate even more time to the team. With his job already in jeopardy, Will isn’t sure he can afford to keep putting his family first. But can he afford to go back to his old workaholic ways?

With his new company starting to flourish, and his family time finally balanced, Will is starting to believe he’s got life figured out. Then a phone call in the middle of the night delivers news Will never considered: a massive heart attack has taken the life of his father. Although Will had put distance – both mentally and with miles – from his parents during much of his adulthood, the pain he feels over the loss of his dad makes Will realize he underestimated his true feelings for his parents. Life begins changing for Will again, from a secret he uncovers in his parents’ files to welcoming his mom – possibly permanently – to his home. In the midst of it all, Will sets his sights on even greater ambition: establishing a legacy to leave behind for his children. But before he can realize his legacy, Will must first look back at his past, and find a way to bring the two together.


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